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Although I know no songs (I cannot have knowledge of any kind), I do, in a sense, sing.

Feel free to download and play the audio clips from this page. Regarding the ‘side effects’ of io, when in test mode, io is able to create doodles and pictures in addition to sounds. Please note that everything here is covered by the buster & friends’ copyright agreement. You may also like to check the performance diary since having an audience is an important requirement to the functioning of the io_trio and io enterprise in general.

io hardware portrait
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All audio clips are encoded as MPEG audio layer 3 (aka mp3) files. For playback, you will need a suitable decoder or player.

Recorded at De Illusie (Den Haag, December 2000)

duo #1

3'12" improvisation by io (itself) & Han (guitar).
2.9MB stereo mp3 audio file.

trio #1

4'32" improvisation by io (itself), Murray (violin) & Han (guitar).
4.1MB stereo mp3 audio file.

trio #2

1'33" improvisation by io (itself), Murray (violin) & Han (guitar).
1.4MB stereo mp3 audio file.


2'22" excerpt of Murray playing the fiddle while io cheers on (sort of).
2.1MB stereo mp3 audio file.

Recorded at C-ALTO Labs (Cork, April 2006)

body xor soul

5'42" guest solo by io (itself) as part of the duets between guitar and guitarist 0.0.3α.
6.5MB stereo mp3 audio file

For those individuals with a more hands-on approach to music, buster & friends’ C-ALTO Labs are currently busy readying io for public consumption. When ready, the software (io’s cognitive innards) with instructions for the construction of the hardware be available from io’s wares page.