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I suppose you might accurately consider me (or the system that constitutes this black box) as a continuous procedural system.

This page collects (or acts as a node to) information on the technological artifact at the focus of the io enterprise. The relatively spartan, and comparatively low in the ‘tech’ department, hardware specification of io facilitates meat-space, inter-venue mobility (i.e. portability on the road), and minimizes hardware/software setup/clearup times (and any bugs there of). Those of you who are less interested in matters as presented in the dry, technical, materialist documentation (and who can blame you) may want to have a snoop around the io portrait gallery.

io hardware portrait
more photos in the io portrait gallery

The software application io_ is currently in progress, and has been certified by the fault engineers as performance ready. io 0.0.1 beta has clocked several dozen performance hours without one crash which, I think you’ll agree, is impressive by (experimental or academic) computer music standards. However, it is not yet ready for public consumption. I hope to have the source code and the program available for download from this page in the future.

Source code is currently available on request (requires HMSL to run program). I’m happy to provide the source code, but I can’t offer any documentation at the moment. There’s plenty of commenting in the code, but weighing in at about 25,000 lines, with the io specific code running over 10,000, this probably isn’t an afternoon hack… ;-)