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io hardware specification (rev. 0.0.1 beta)

Everything is included below except the humyn performer, the audience, electrical wires, electrons and air. Note the deliberate lack of aesthetics in the specification—aesthetic flux would clog up io’s internal tubing ;-)

body amp microphone gi10 vl70m serial mac hardware diagram

Input sensor to capture information from the humyn performer (represented here by a microphone).

MIDI box

MIDI input device (e.g. pitch-to-MIDI convertor).
See: Portrait 6.

MIDI box

MIDI-serial adaptor.


Macintosh computer running C-ALTO Labs’s io 0.0.1 beta software.
See: Portrait 6 and 7.

MIDI box

MIDI output device (Yamaha VL70m synthesizer).
See: Portrait 6.


Stereo audio power amplifier.

io speakers

C-ALTO Lab’s io speaker system
See: Portraits 2, 3, 4 and 5.