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performance diary

This page lists past and future performance dates of io 0.0.1 beta and the io_trio. If there’s a performance coming up at a venue near you, we really would appreciate your participation as an active audience member.

Performance organizations, promoters and venues can download the performance proposal (133KB Adobe PDF document), and contact us We are particularly interested in hearing from organizations in Europe (the io_trio is based in Europe).

upcoming performances

This is an archive of the old site!

Please see the main buster & friends’ performances diary for up-to-date information on future performances.

past performances
date venue details

February 21st 2006

Department of Music, UCC (Cork, Ireland)

Another reverse engineering session presented by Han and io (with this accompanying descriptive blurb).

February 28th 2004

The Bongo Club (Edinburgh, Scotland)

After a sabbatical, io (with the Taxidermists) makes a long awaited reappearance as part the ‘Skin’ night of dialogues 2004.

September 21st 2002

John Hansard Gallery (Southampton, England)

io performed in musicircus as part of Cage 2002 - 90/10. This was the first public performance by io without the other members of the io_trio.

I imagine that io, as an improviser, had mixed feelings about participating in a celebration of Cage and the Cagian denial of agency.

March 15th 2002

Boxing Club (London, England)

io and fellow members of the io_trio engaged in the Amplifications of the Church of Sonology.

December 15th 2001

Stroud House Gallery (Stroud, England)

Some light entertainment provided by io and Han for those attending the opening of the ‘Compute’ exhibition. (The evening closes with an heart-stopping adventure courtesy of the British rail system.)

December 5th 2001

Boxing Club (London, England)

A presentation by Han and io (greatly assisted by the reverse engineering skills of those gathered) for dorkbot.

October 27th 2001

Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, England)

A duo performance by io and Han as part of the OX1 festival.

To date, this was one of io’s best organized and paid gigs: So special thanks to all involved. I imagine that if io could feel gratitude, it would also want to thank everyone.

June 7th 2001

Freud Café (Oxford, England)

A duo performance by io and Han as part of the VAIN Live Art event.

December 6th 2000

De Illusie (Den Haag, The Netherlands)

Recording session by the io_trio (with the added drama of Han suffering from the flu).

April 23rd 2000

California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, California)

Performance by a prototype of the io_trio with io 0.0.0 alpha, Murray and Han. Additional background entertainment provided by AMM™.