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14+ diffrational names of io
(southampton, february 2001)

The label io is a convenient umbrella under which we can atomize several decoherent elements. I list below some of the specified diffrational names/titles. If you feel more graphically oriented, have a look at a few pseudo-cladograms.

io (pronounced: ee-o)
Most, if not all, of the decoherent elements of io, including those defined below. The name functions as a ‘general’ or lazy shorthand.

io_ (ee-o) (ee-o text)
1. Text based representation of the computer program including, but not limited to, the source code (see: io<). Also refers to hardware configuration or specification (e.g. synth patch, etc).
2. Standard prefix for all documents pertaining to io (e.g. io_doc).
3. Standard prefix for any performing collectives which have io as its focus (e.g. io_trio).

io+ (ee-o plus)
Programmatic, descriptive, textual or otherwise ‘extra-musical’ material and/or documentation that is part of the io enterprise.

io++ (ee-o plus plus) (meta ee-o)
1. io as a performative exercise. Not to be confused with the performed/practiced activity (see: }io{).
2. Name of the fuzzy technological actor that comes into existence through performativity.
3. Mystical, or otherwise metaphysical element(s), if such element(s) are believed or perceived to operate within the io enterprise.

io± (ee-o plus-minus) (ee-o approx)
Elements that may be considered or discussed as unintended.

}io{ (eye-o)
io as a performed/practiced activity. Not to be confused with the performative exercise (see: io++).

}io (eye-o, with stress on first syllable)
Input/sounds from external stimulus (e.g. humyn musical input) which is accepted by the io artifact/actor.

io{ (eye-o, with stress on second syllable)
Output/sounds directly produced by the io artifact/actor.

[io] (ee-o box) (ee-o A.I.)
The A.I. is short for Artifact Intelligence.
1. The technological artifact, or the social or political activity that is related to }io{ (the performed/practiced activity), but which is not under the ‘direct’ influence of the constructor(s), performer(s) or the io artifact/actor. May be considered the apparent author(s)’s disclaimer.
2. The conceptual element(s) or analysis of any aspect of io. The title of the hypothetical ‘score.’ This name refers almost exclusively to the io artifact/actor’s behavior.

io= (ee-o alg) (ee-o internals) (ee-o anat)
1. Engineering work done as part of the io enterprise.
2. The algorithm(s) used in the construction of the software actor.

io> (ee-o) (ee-o prog) (ee-o app) (ee-o turnkey)
‘Standalone,’ executable computer program.

io< (ee-o) (ee-o prog) (ee-o source) (ee-o code)
Source code of io computer program (see: io>).

10 (pronunciation unavailable at this time)
What the technological actor ‘does’ in ways that only it (the io actor) can ‘define.’