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buster & friends’ copyright agreement (rev. 0.0.3)
(southampton, february 2001)

As far as the apparent author (from here forth referred to as aa) of this artifact is concerned, this material is in the public domain, and can be used, freely, in anyway, in any form, in its entirety, or in part, with or without credit, permission or payment.

Exceptions to this agreement occur if the prospective user (from here forth referred to as pu) or the institution/organization for which the pu acts (from here forth referred to as iPu), makes or has made more money, and/or has or had access to more money than the aa currently does. In this case, permission will have to be sought from the aa.

If the pu or the iPu, on the other hand, makes a lot of money, and/or the pu or the iPu is stinking rich, normal inhumane copyright procedures will be enforced.

copyright copyrighted 2001 buster & friends’ d’da